Hazardous Areas

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Hazardous area rated temperature assemblies provide fast and accurate readings of bearings, blocks, frames, other surfaces, fluids or flows. Minco’s spring loaded holder ensures solid contact in drilled holes and has a built-in oil seal. The sensing probe features a copper alloy tip for quick response to temperature changes. Choose a thermowell option for high pressure or flow applications. Hazardous protection methods include explosion proof, flameproof and intrinsic safety methods.

  • High accuracy and high repeatability Minco platinum RTD sensing elements
  • Copper alloy tipped probes facilitate heat transfer to internal sensing element
  • Angled probe tip match drilled hole shape to increase contact area between probe and sensed surface
  • Minco’s innovative spring-loaded fittings
  • Hazardous area approved connection heads
  • Hazardous area approvals that include ATEX/IECEx/CSAc-us
  • Thermowell option for protection against high flow rates and pressures
  • Temperature transmitter option to convert sensor output to 4-20mA or HART signals
  • Three-year warranty