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Tip Sensitive Thermocouples: AS5192EU60P1A

Product Details

Tip-sensitive, spring-loaded thermocouple temperature assemblies provide fast and accurate readings of bearings, blocks, frames and other surfaces. Minco’s spring loaded holder ensures solid contact in drilled holes and has a built-in oil seal. The sensing probe features a copper alloy tip for quick response to temperature changes. These assemblies are also the industry choice for insertion into pre-installed thermowells in process applications.

  • Reliable Minco thermocouple elements
  • Copper alloy tipped probes facilitate heat transfer to internal sensing element
  • Angled probe tip match drilled hole shape to increase contact area between probe and sensed surface
  • Minco’s innovative spring-loaded fittings
  • Temperature maximums of 500 degrees F
  • Standard industrial connection heads
  • 50 psi pressure rating allows use in many at/near atmospheric pressure environments
  • Temperature transmitter to convert sensor output to 4-20mA or HART signals
  • Three-year warranty
Element Type Type E, Dual
Junction Type Ungrounded
Probe Diameter (in) 0.250
Insertion Depth (in) 6.0
Process Thread 1/2-14 NPT
Conduit Thread 1/2-14 NPT
Connection Head Aluminum
Base Model AS5192
Element Code EU
Temperature Range -50 to 260°C (-58 to 500°F)
Pressure Rating 50 psi (3.4 bar)
Probe Stainless steel with copper alloy tip
Holder Spring Loaded, Stainless steel with Viton O-ring
Insulation Resistance 10 megohms minimum at 100 VDC, Leads to case
Availability 2-4 Weeks
Technical Specification MCTS Tip Sensitive Spring Loaded Ther...