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Industrial Hazardous: AH711P3L120T1HT490N1N25N

Product Details

Minco hazardous area humidity detector assemblies are FM and CFM approved explosion proof/intrinsically safe or intrinsically safe. They feature a heavy duty industrial design, a thin film capacitive humidity sensor, a platinum compensating RTD, stainless steel sintered filters, and an optional temperature loop.

For applications requiring:

  • Climate control in hazardous locations
  • Heavy duty industrial design
  • Reliable and accurate response
  • NIST traceable calibrations
  • Operating temperature range -40º to 150º C (-40º to 302º F)
  • Storage temperature range -50º to 85º C (-58º to 185º F)
Certification FM
Probe Diameter (in) 0.375
Insertion Depth (in) 12.0
Display No display
Output 4 to 20mA
Supply Voltage 9.5 to 28 VDC
Transmitter Intrinsically Safe
Process Thread 1/2 - 14NPT
Conduit Thread 1/2 - 14NPT
Connection Head 316 Stainless Steel
Calibration Accuracy ±2.5% from 10% to 80% (25°C), NIST Cert
Temp Tran Range 32°F to 122°F
Base Model AH71
Filter Sintered stainless steel
Weight (lb) 2.84
Humidity Range 0 - 100% RH
Temperature Effect ±0.03% RH/°C ±1% from 10°C to 85°C
Storage Temperature -58 to 185°F (-40 to 80°C), non-condensing
Voltage Effect ±0.001% of span/volt from 9.5 to 28 VDC
Extended Calibration Accuracy ±3.5% from 80% to 90% RH @ 25°C
Intrinsically Safe Class I, Division 1,2, Groups A,B,C,D
Intrinsically Safe Class II, Division 1,2, Groups E,F,G
Intrinsically Safe Class III, Division 1,2
Intrinsically Safe Class I, Zone 0, Aex ia IIC T4
Non-Incendive Class I, Division 2, Groups A,B,C,D
Non-Incendive Class II, Division 2, Groups F,G
Non-Incendive Class III, Division 2
Transmitter Entity Parameters Vmax = 28 Volts; Imax = 100 mA; Ci = 0.037 µF; Li = 0 mH
Availability 2-4 Weeks
Technical Specification MCTS Hadardous Area Humidity Assembly...