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Level: LT364L015

Product Details

Two 316 stainless steel pins provide for operation in mildly corrosive fluids within plastic or metal containers. Fluid presence is measured by passing a low voltage AC signal between the stainless steel probes. Power to the sensor and output from the sensor is derived from a current loop. Sensor output is 8 mA with fluid present and 16 mA with no fluid present.

For applications requiring:

  • Point level sensing in conductive fluids
Case Diameter (x2) (in) 0.175
Overall Length (in) 4.95
Length (in) 1.500
Housing Material Nylon
Output 8mA ± 1mA with fluid present & 16mA ± 1mA w/o fluid
Supply Voltage 7.6 to 35VDC, Reverse Polarity Protected
Connector Packard/Delphi Metri-Pack 150
Probe Material Stainless Steel
Process Thread 3/8 -18 NPT
Base Model LT364
Type Conductivity Level Sensor
Weight (lb) 0.16
Ambient Operating Temp (electronics) -40 to 185°F (-40 to 85°C), non-condensing
Ambient Storage Temp (electronics) -67 to 212°F (-55 to 100°C), non-condensing
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Technical Specification MCTS Conductivity Level Sensor.pdf