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Single Element RTDs: S8014PD120T500Z120

Product Details

Minco single element RTDs feature sensing elements extending through most of the RTD body length. They also feature stranded copper lead wires with PTFE insulation and are available in a variety of standard lengths and thicknesses. These Class H RTDs feature a high temperature epoxy glass body.

For applications requiring:

  • Reliable and continuous monitoring
  • Average temperature readings
  • High dielectric strength
  • Temperature limit: 180°C (356°F), Class H
Element Type Platinum, Single
Resistance 100 Ω ±0.12% at 0°C (Meets EN60751, Class B)
TCR 0.00385 Ω/Ω/°C
Thickness (in) 0.050
Length (in) 12.000
Width (in) 0.500
Lead Length (in) 120
# Leads (each) 3
NEMA Class Class F (155°C)
Lead Wire AWG #26, Stranded
Base Model S8014
Element Code PD
Note None
Body Material High temperature epoxy glass
Lead Insulation PTFE
Dielectric Strength 3,200 VRMS AT 60Hz, Momentarily, Leadwires to outter surface of RTD and leads, With 1 mA maximum leakage current
Availability 1-2 Weeks
Technical Specification MCTS Single Element Stator Winding RT...