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Thermal-Clear™ Transparent Heaters: H6990

Product Details

Provides heat where it’s needed to reduce operating costs

Fast and efficient thermal transfer. Uniform thermal performance by custom profiling. Customized options for turnkey thermal solutions.

Custom options

  • Custom heater element routing and profiling optimizes the visual clarity of the LCD and prevents “shadowing”
  • Integral temperature sensors optional
  • Rectangular, round, or irregular shapes
  • Uniform or profiled heat pattern
  • Integral RTD or thermistor sensors
  • Flex circuit terminations
  • Rigid materials
  • Custom shapes and sizes to 11" x 22" (280 x 560 mm)
  • RoHS compliance
Mounting Mechanical Clamping (not included)
Thickness (in) 0.000
Min Temp (°F) -67
Max Temp (°F) 248
Weight (oz) 0.112
Power 0
Style Thermal Clear
X dim (in) 2.90
Y dim (in) 5.75
R (Ω) 9.60
AWG 30
Area (in²) 0.0000
Volt 0.00
Watt 0.0
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