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All-Polyimide Thermofoil™ Heaters: HAP6946

Product Details

Provides heat where it’s needed to reduce operating costs.

Fast and efficient thermal transfer. Uniform thermal performance by custom profiling. Customized options for turnkey thermal solutions.

Custom options:

  • Maximum operating temperature of 260°C
  • Provides heat where it’s needed to reduce operating costs
  • Fast and efficient thermal transfer
  • Custom profiling offers uniform thermal performance of heat ing output for improved processing yields and productivity
  • Turnkey assembly solutions can drastically reduce assembly time and provide lowest total cost of operation
  • Available in round, rectangular, and irregular shapes
  • Optional built-in temperature sensors


  • Temperature range:-200 to 260°C (-328 to 500°F). With UL component recognition: -200 to 240°C (-328 to 464°F).
  • Heater thickness: Over element: 0.012" (0.3 mm) max. Over leadwire terminations: 0.150" (3.8 mm) ref.
  • Dielectric strength: 1000 VRMS at 60 Hz for 1 minute.
  • Insulation resistance: 1000 megohms min. at 500 VDC.
  • Outgassing: 0.36% total mass loss, 0.01% collected volatile condensable material, per NASA-JSC
Mounting Mechanical Clamping (not included)
Thickness (in) 0.045
Min Temp (°F) -328
Max Temp (°F) 500
Weight (oz) 0.150
Style Etched All-Polyimide
X dim (in) 0.50
Y dim (in) 5.00
R (Ω) 15.58
AWG 26
Area (in²) 2.0131
Volt 28.00
Watt 0.0
External Tab .500" wide x .500" long
Availability 15
Watt Density (w/in²) 25.00