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SmartHeat SLT Heaters: HL6520

Product Details

SmartHeat SLT Thin-Film Heaters

Minco’s SmartHeat SLT heaters strive to maintain a constant temperature. They will produce high power when attached to a cold object and will rapidly heat that object within a prescribed control temperature range. The exact control temperature is determined by the heater design and thermal loading, including factors such as heatsink type, contact method, and environment temperature.

SmartHeat SLT heaters may be used over a wide range of voltages, enabling setup flexibility and ensuring system protection from power supply variation. The desired set point is maintained without the need for controlling electronics. In addition to providing consistent set point control for an object, each SmartHeat SLT heater is protected by a designed safety temperature. This self-limiting behavior acts at every point along the surface of the heater, eliminating the risk of overheating in the event of delamination, poor contact, or environmental variations.

Listed control temperatures and safety temperatures are valid for applications with low thermal loading, at the prescribed nominal voltage setting. Applications with high thermal loading or unique environments should be verified experimentally. Minco works with its customers through engineer-to-engineer (E2E) interactions to tailor custom solutions for challenging thermal problems. Contact Minco to get started.


  • SmartHeat SLT heaters prevent thermal runaways and overtemp conditions
  • Patented innerlay polymer self-tunes to load changes to ensure temperature uniformity
  • Inherent control reduces or eliminates the need for external regulating electronics
  • Thin, lightweight construction provides heat application where it’s needed
  • Heat, sense, and control in a single package reduces total system cost

Typical applications:

  • Medical diagnostic analyzers
  • Warming Lithium-ion batteries in aerospace or defense applications
  • De-icing sensors, wings, flaps, and potable water in aircraft
  • Protects defense electronics in cold operating conditions
  • Maintains constant temperature in medical reagent storage
  • Heats and controls fluid in humidification applications

Minco SmartHeat SLT heaters are protected by a set safety temperature which can be tuned for your specific application. The safety temperature is the limit at which a SmartHeat SLT device will produce negligible power. This limit is engineered into the raw material by design and protects the system from a thermal overtemp condition in the event of delamination, poor contact, or environmental variations.

Mounting Pressure Sensitive Adhesive
Min Temp (°F) -26
Thickness (Max) (in) 0.018
Weight (oz) 0.192
Style Self-Limiting Heater
Dia (in) 3.00
AWG 24
Area (in²) 5.7256
Availability In Stock
Control Temp REF (°C) 40-60
Safety Temp REF (°C) 80
Nominal Voltage (Volt) 120.00
Suggested Voltage Range (Volt) 60-240