Polyimide Thermofoil™ Heaters

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Polyimide (Kapton™) is a thin, semitransparent material with excellent dielectric strength. Polyimide Thermofoil™ heaters are ideal for applications with space and weight limitations, or where the heater will be exposed to vacuum, oil, or chemicals.


  • Thin, lightweight heaters allow you to apply heat where it’s needed, reducing operating costs
  • Etched-foil heating technology provides fast and efficient thermal transfer
  • WA internal adhesive for use to 150°C (302°F)
  • Acrylic pressure sensitive mounting adhesive (PSA)
  • UL component recognition available
  • Suitable for vacuum environments (NASA-RP-1061)
  • Resistant to most chemicals: acids and solvents
  • Radiation resistant to 106 rads if built with polyimide-insulated leadwire (custom option)

Typical applications

  • Medical diagnostic instruments and analyzers
  • Maintain warmth of satellite components
  • Protect aircraft electronic and mechanical devices against cold at high altitudes
  • Stabilize optoelectronic components
  • Test or simulate integrated circuits
  • Enable cold weather operation of outdoor electronics such as card readers, LCDs or ruggedized laptops
  • Maintain constant temperature in analytic test equipment